Fiber plastic Parma

Parma football club S.p.A.
Series of A: 17. Place (2004/05)
Gründungsdatum: 1913
2004 again-based
city: Parma (PR)
president: Guido Angiolini
vice-president: -
Managers: Lorenzo Minotti
managing director: Luca Baraldi
coach: Pietro Carmignani
captain: Giuseppe Cardone
of successes:
3 x Coppa Italia

1 x Supercoppa Italiana
1 x cup of the Cup winners
2 x UEFA cup

stadium: Stadio Ennio Tardini
(28,783 places)
association colors: Blue-yellow
Team colours Team colours Team colours
Team colours
Team colours
Team colours Team colours Team colours
Team colours
Team colours
conditions: May 2006

the fiber plastic Parma is a soccer association from the northItalian city Parma. The association developed in the summer 2004 from the bankrupt's estate, the Parmalat - company, by which the traditional association AC Parma was extracted and again based as fiber plastic Parma.

The fiber plastic Parma fought in the season 2004/2005 in the Italian league series of A against the descent, to be only very scarcely prevented could and lives of the gloss of past days, when the association was called still AC Parma. Since that 15. December 2004 is Pietro Carmignani coach of the Italian Erstligisten. Carmignani is successor of the dismissed Silvio Baldini, which had gotten the national Cup title with the AC Parma 2002.

The association qualified itself in the season 2004/05 for the UEFA Cup and switched after the group phase the VfB Stuttgart out (first leg 0:0; Replay 2:0 n.V.). In the semi-final the Italian soccer association failed because of ZSKA Moscow. The play was however overshadowed by heavy excesses of the ZSKA fans in the replay of the Halbfinals in Moscow (3: 0 for ZSKA Moscow). The Torwart of Parma Lucca Bucci had been hurt from a fire work the ZSKA Fankurve and had to be replaced later. Parma tried to contest the result, the UEFA decided however only one fine for ZSKA and a portion under exclusion of the public to impose.

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the association was created 1913 under the name Verdi AC. However the association name was changed fast on the names of the city. The association oscillated most time of its existence between the second-class series of B and the drittklassigen series of C. End of the 1960er it descended then into the halfprofessional leagues of Italy.

After the association several times owners and names changed united it 1970 with the AC Parmense . The association ascended again into the Italian professional league, remained however successful to center of the 1980er a little.

1985 took over the later Italian national coach Arrigo Sacchi the management of the association. Under its guidance the AC became Parma master of the series of c1. When the association was located in the centre zone of the series of B, Sacchi changed to the AC Milan.

Sacchis successor Nevio Scala led the AC Parma 1990 to first ascent into the series of A. With the obligation some talentierter players from the foreign country Scala formed a top team. Already in the first year succeeded oneself the team, with the sixth place in the series of A for the UEFA cup too qualify.

Success was financed by the Italian food company Parmalat, which put itself as a sponsor at the disposal and acquired to 45% - a participation of the association.

The success of the AC Parma on national and international level made the association for numerous of star interesting. Thus the Italian national players followed Fabio Cannavaro, Gianfranco Zola, Dino Baggio and Diego Fuser the association.

Coach Nevio Scala left 1996 the association and its office by Carlo Ancelotti was taken over. With it 1997 with the vice-championship the best placement of the association in its history succeeded. Because of the end was the AC Parma only two points behind the master Juventus Turin.

Since its ascent into the series A itself the AC Parma could in each year qualify for an European Cup. Three times the association won a European Trophäe: 1993 the European Cup of the Cup winners as well as 1995 and 1999 the UEFA cup.

In the summer 2004 had the parent company of the fiber plastic Parma, which Parmalat - company bankruptcy announce. This concerned also the fiber plastic Parma. Only by a law brought in by the Italian Industrieminister Antonio Marzano, could be extracted the association out bankrupt's estate by Parmalat and saved the association. As follow-up association the fiber plastic Parma was created, which transferred the starting point of the AC Parma in the series of A. The fiber plastic Parma stands for season run off and the coming under Gläubigerschutz. The financial future seems however saved by the profitable sales by Alberto Gilardino. Sportily the association stands however at the abyss and is for the descent into the series of B only very scarcely escapes.

In the summer 2005 a group of investors transferred the fiber plastic Parma around Spain businessman Lorenzo Sanz. Sanz was of 1995 - already 2000 president of material Madrid. Sponsors are looked for nevertheless, who are to help the fiber plastic Parma again to old strength.

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current cadre

to goal keeper

  • 01 - Italiener Alfonso De Lucia
  • 07 - Italiener Lucca Bucci
  • 99 - Italiener Matteo Guardalben


  • 02 - Senegalese Ferdinand Alexandre Coly
  • 03 - Italiener Giuseppe Cardone
  • 05 - Italiener Daniele Bonera
  • 14 - Italiener Matteo Contini
  • 17 - Italiener Marco Rossi
  • 24 - Portugiese Manuel Silva Fernando Couto
  • 26 - Italiener Damiano Ferronetti
  • 28 - Italiener Paolo Cannavaro
  • 29 - Guineaner Ibrahima Sory Camara
  • 31 - Italiener Francesco Pambianchi
  • 33 - Italiener Giovanni Pasquale

midfield player



  • Italiener Mario Beretta

former players

of successes

  • Coppa Italia (3): 1992, 1999, 2002
  • SuperCoppa Italiana (1): 1999
  • European Cup of the Cup winners (1): 1993
  • UEFA cup (2): 1995, 1999

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