FIFA 100

the FIFA 100 is one on the occasion of its 100-jährigen of existence of the international football organization FIFA to 4. March 2004 published list with the 125 best football players still living with the anniversary. The selection made the legendary Pelé. 18 photographers porträtiert these players;the photos were to be seen for the first time on a Benefizveranstaltung in London and afterwards world-wide in an itinerant exhibition are shown.

Critically one can mark to this selection: Famous soccer players from different countries are missing, and the list exhibits also a certain “present annoyingness”. Those partly containsSelection besides players, who - in such a way it works at least - were considered rather for reasons of the regional Proporzes, over whom own national borders away however never considerable admitting heating degree obtained. On the other hand such a list must remain inevitably always subjective, because only relatively few that125 players mentioned in their meaning are absolutely undisputed.

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