Fabian Del Priore

Fabian Del Priore (* 27. May 1978 in Frankfurt/Main) is a composer, Arrangeur and sound designer.

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it comes of to a in music coined/shaped family. Already in early years it took private piano instruction, which it enjoyed more than ten years long, and came in the age from six years on its to first computer and consoles in form of a Commodore C64 and Atari VCS 2600.

With 16 years he got his first order as a play music composer, the Vertonung of Blue byte of extremes Assault. This project opened the gates for further orders within the range of computer and video games, CD - sound TRACK - for it Vertonung, Multimedia - applications or also TV -, cinema - and radio productions.

It toned among other things Menateus, the official advertising play of the world exhibition Expo 2000, Worms 2 from team 17, Inspector Gadget of Ubisoft for Sony PlayStation, the strategy and restaurant economics Cultures 2: The gates Asgards of Funatics as well as their successor, the manager simulation hotel giant of JoWooD, Cold Zero - The load conditions of Drago or also Chicago 1930 of Spellbound of Studios.

With the international music project Merregnon it acts as chief executive composer. The most well-known play music composers accompany and tell with its music a history, which plays in a complex Fantasieuniversum; in the form of three Soundtrack CDs with orchestra bringing of members of the Prager of symphony orchestra and produced New York the Philharmonic Orchestra.

Compositions from the feather/spring of Del Priore were spoken on the opening concerts of the Games Convention 2003 in the Leipziger garb house, whereby this concert represents the first play music concert of the world outside of Japan. 2004 and 2005 were played melodies of well-known play classical authors, who he partly umarrangiert for orchestras.

Del Priore still works as a free lance composer under the label „Merregnon of Studios “for many different software companies.

play projects

excerpt from Fabian Del Priores play references:


excerpt from the Diskografie from Fabian Del Priore:

  • 1997: Worms 2 sound TRACKs
  • 1997: Incubation sound TRACK
  • 1997: Frankfurt Beat (Yellow box)
  • 1997: Extreme Assault sound TRACK
  • 1998: Feels Like of Paradise
  • 1998: Obsession
  • 2000: Merregnon sound TRACK of volume. 1
  • 2000: Interstellarly Harmony of volume. 2
  • 2001: Bake in Time 3 - A space Odyssey
  • 2001: Bake in Time 3 - A space Odyssey + bonus CD
  • 2002: Remix of 64 volume. 1
  • 2002: Immortal 2
  • 2004: Merregnon sound TRACK of volume. 2
  • 2005: Revival sp
  • 2005: Immortal 3
  • 2005: Merregnon sound TRACK of volume. 2 Japanese edition
  • 2005: Project Majestic mix - Ambience

concert meetings

  • of office - Games Convention of play music concerts 2003, 2004 and 2005
  • Play! Symphony (first world-wide play music concert row, start 2006).
  • School concerts “heroes of our fantasies”

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