Fabian Lamotte

Fabian Lamotte (* 25. February 1983 in Mars mountain) is a German football player.

The right defender began as a pupil with TuS Hesperinghausen with that soccer games. 1998 it changed for the youth of the fiber plastic Schalke 04 and played later for the 2. Crew, with which 2002 into the regional league north the ascent could celebrate. In the season 2003/04 debütierte to 13. March 2004 in the federal league with the away game against unity Frankfurt. It could not succeed however on Schalke and changed therefore at the 1. July 2005 after altogether ten federal league employments into the 2. Federal league to the TSV 1860 Munich, where it carries the number 2 (season 2005/06).

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