Fabienne Pakleppa

Fabienne Pakleppa (* 27. September 1950 in Lausanne/Switzerland) is Swiss an authoress.

After the Abitur 1970 it studied Germanistik, Rome anise TIC and philosophy in Geneva. Since 1972 it lives in Germany, first in Heidelberg, since 1976 in Munich. It attended to different activities, particularly in the psychiatry and in the Filmbranche, as a French teacher, Dozentin with the people's highschool, translator, lector and lady journalist. Since 1990 it lives particularly as an authoress.


  • sky hunter, novel, fantastic library Suhrkamp 1993 ISBN 3-51838-714-6
  • the Aufsässigen, novel, island publishing house 1995 ISBN 3-45816-687-4
  • close the eyes, short stories collection, Attika publishing house 1997
  • the Birke, novel, Luchterhand publishing house 1999 ISBN of 3-63087-031-7
  • desire victims (F. Pakleppa, peoples Derlath) 2002 ISBN 3-93403-683-X
  • my impudent lover, erotische Kurzgeschichten, Heyne publishing house 2000 ISBN 3-45319-532-9
  • Marben, Ashti (Iraq) in the shade of the dictator. My life in the Iraq noted of Fabienne Pakleppa. Ullstein publishing house 2003 ISBN 3-548-36470-5
  • Peter Wirt goes bathing, novel
  • craze. Therapy report in 10 meetings. Radio play. Direction: Klaus Dieter Pittrich. Prod.: WDR, 1995.
  • Roof damage. Radio play. Prod.: SWR, 2001.


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