the architect walter Gropius as well as Adolf Meyer were built for Fagus work Fagus work the factory building of the shoe factory Fagus in Alfeld (line ).

The owner of the Fagus works Carl Benscheidt gave Gropius 1911 the order to establish a building of factories on the basis of modern criteria which was to be directly because of the railway line Alfeld Hanover. Here Gropius could during the plan design on an already finished scheme put on, in order to go in the facade design completely new ways. Until today a modern shoe border manufacturing and a shoe museum are in the buildings worth seeing. The name Fagus is Latin and means beech.

The manufacturing plant is since 1946 registered architectural monument. They were extensively restored in the last twenty years and taken up 1997 to the candidate list to the UNESCO Weltkulturerbe.

details to architecture

it were used already characteristic elements, which should determine the international style later. Are particularly worth mentioning Curtain of barrier from glass, the clear cubic form as well as the organization of the steel girders. The cross-shaped columns change upward and become slimmer, between them are the glass apron. The glazing is calm, had originally planned Gropius the front before the columns in a steel framework. On Deckenhöhe Stahlverkleidungen are instead of the windowpanes, this sheet metal apron run around at the corner to around the stairway. So far the corners of a building always very substantial were implemented and should leave a firm impression. The revolutionary in the Fagus building is evenly this open corner, which will be the beginning of the modern skeleton building method. The corners of this building are not simply pre-assembled-rising up buildings of concrete, but by a cross construction were ausgesteift. The building is not very narrow and should a monumental impression leave, for ease and transparency stands in conscious contrast to the closed building of stone bricks. Gropius worried besides not only about the external organization, separates prepared many details and the interior design.


today is to that special attention apart from the shoe border manufacturing (Fagus) particularly on the production of electronic measuring systems for the wood industry (GreCon). The company FagusGreCon belongs to the most important employers in the region Alfeld.

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