Faris aluminium-Sultan

Faris Al-Sultan, Hawaii 2005
Faris aluminium-Sultan, Hawaii 2005

Faris aluminium-Sultan (* 21. January 1978 in Munich) is a German Triathlet.

As 16-Jähriger Faris aluminium-Sultan 1994 its first Marathon ran - with falsified age indication, because he was still too young according to the rules for the load of a 42,195-Kilometer-Laufs. Its first Ironman got over it 1997 with 19 on Lanzarote, because the minimum age for Langdistanz Triathleten lay at that time in Germany at 21 years.

In the Ironman Hawaii it participated for the first time 1999 as an amateur and reserved the third seat in its age group. it won 2000 in Kulmbach in 8:22 hr. for the first time the German championship on the long distance. 2001 occupied Faris aluminium-Sultan with the Ironman Brazil the second place and became 27er with the Ironman Hawaii. 2002 it became in Immenstadt of German masters on the central distance. 2003 it reserved the sieved seat with the Ironman Hawaii. 2004 succeeded to undercut it it with the source Challenge Roth the magic 8-Stunden-Marke, as fastest Germans became it thereby again German master on the long distance. In addition Faris aluminium-Sultan won the help IRONMAN pc. in the year 2004. Croix (2km - 90km - 21,1km) and reserved the third seat with the Ironman Hawaii.

2005 knew Faris aluminium-Sultan for the first time under license of the commercial “Ironman “- mark organized running over the complete long distance (3.8 km - 180 km - 42.4 km) in Arizona to win. Aluminium-Sultan won 2005 the Ironman Hawaii as most balanced participants with its third participation as a professional after 3,8 km swimming, 180 km wheel driving as well as 42.195 km running in 8:14: 17 hours before the New Zealander Cameron Brown (8: 19: 36) as well as the threefold winner Peter Reid from Canada (8: 20: 04). After Thomas's light latch plate (1997) and Norman Stadler (2004) it is the third German thereby which could decide this competition for itself.

Faris aluminium-Sultan is a student of history and culture approaching of the Orients at the Ludwig Maximilians university Munich. Its father Talib came originally 1958 from the Iraq, its nut/mother Lydia from Munich, where the father works as a director/conductor translation agency. He is considered not as a tactician but as someone, which takes the match happening gladly into the hand, whereby it accepts brief physical break-downs and possesses the talent, to recover very fast again.


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