Fatih Akın

Fatih Akın (* 25. August 1973 in Hamburg Altona) is a German film director, film script author, an actor and a producer of Turkish origin.

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Fatih Akın are the son of Turkish immigrants, who move to in the middle of the 1960er years to Germany are. Its father Mustafa Enver Akın came 1965 and worked in a carpet cleaning company. Its nut/mother Hadiye Akın followed three years later and was a basic lady teacher.Born and Akın in the multi-cultural Hamburg quarters Altona grew up. Occasionally it was member there in a youth gang. Akın already made first experiences with the play on the school. Already with 16 years his occupational aspiration director was certain for it. Afterwards was it member of a group of off theatres at the Hamburg Thalia theatre. Since its school time Akın Kurzgeschichten wrote, short film scripts and made its first film attempts with to super 8 - camera.


1993 began Akın with helping out activities before and behind the film sceneries with the desert film productionHamburg producers the Ralph Schwingel and worked increasingly as author, director and an actor. it completed 1994-2000 with rakes Bohm the study visual communication at that Hamburg university for screen end of arts (HfbK). From co-operation with Schwingel two Kurzfilme followed , Sensin (1995) and Getürkt (1996),four price-crowned features followed. 1998 debütierte Akın as a feature director with short and painless. Also it would like to create (conditions 2004) its next films in different in each case film category to extend over its experience and „a better film producer become “. [1]

Akın is (2005) partner of the film production company Corazon international. In the winter semester 2005/06 he is guest professor to the HfbK.


Akın lives (2005) in Hamburg Ottensen, is married and has with his GermanMexican Mrs. Monique upper Mueller since that 2. September 2005 a son named SanDiego. Monique is Actress, arises in some its films and supports her man organizational. Akıns older brother Cem Akın, which works full-time in the Turkish consulate, appears occasionally as an actor in its films and helps out it than Regie-Assistent. Fatih Akın is considered as purposeful and temperful. Init presents to its spare time in scene taverns as „DJ Superdjango “plates.



  • Sensin - you are it!, Kurzfilm (1995)
  • Getürkt, Kurzfilm (1996)
  • short and painless (1998)
  • in July (2000)
  • we forgotten, documentation, television (2000) Solino have
  • to return (2002)
  • Against the wall, feature (2004)
  • Crossing the Bridge: The sound OF Istanbul, documentation (2005)

film script

  • Kebab Connection (2005)


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