Fatuma Roba

Fatuma Roba (* 18. December 1973 in Arsi, Ethiopia) is a äthiopische light athlete and Olympiasiegerin.

Allegedly their success is justified as a marathoner in the fact that it as a child always the far way into the school and back coagulated is. 1997 were it the first African, who won the Boston Marathon. It ran a time from 2:26: 24 hours. It also 1998 and 1999 won the Boston Marathon. With the Tokyo Marathon 1999 it became second and with the world championships in Sevilla, likewise 1999, occupied it place 4. 2000 ran it again the Boston Marathon and occupied the 3. Place.

With the XXVI. Olympic summer games 1996 in Atlanta it won the gold medal before the Russian Walentina Jegorowa (silver) and the Japanese Yuko Arimori (bronze).


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