Federico Mompou

Federico Mompou (* 16. April 1893 in Barcelona; † 30. June 1987 in Barcelona) was a Catalan composer.

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Federico Mompous father was Katalane, which possessed a bell foundry, his nut/mother Französin. He got his first piano instruction of one of his aunts. With fifteen years it gave its first public piano concert and took this as welcome cause, around the school to tails. With the recommendations of Enrique Granados at Gabriel Fauré it went 1911 to Paris to the Conservatoire, where it took further piano instruction, but showed lack of interest at the harmony teachings. Due to its extreme shyness it gave the pianist career up desired and dedicated themselves only to its compositions. It played piano only for its closest friends.

With receipts of its nut/mother he became acquainted with Manuel de Falla and Arthur Rubinstein . it opened a Confiserie , which made rapid bankruptcy to 1924. Until 1937 it did not compose no more due to nerve weakness. In the same year its brother suffered a Tuberkulose - accumulation, the father died. The nut/mother married itself 1938 again.

1941 became acquainted with Mompou the Pianistin Carmen Bravo on a piano competition. After a long friendship married both 1957. Here Mompous begins second composition phase.

Federico Mompou died 1987 at a Blutsturz.


the influence of the French Impressionisten is it shown clearly in Mompous works, which were created predominantly for piano solo. In particular Eric Satie endeavored as model for those easily dissonierenden sounds, which noted Mompou in its style “improvisation” held. By the famous Prix de Rome held the composer little and deplored that their jury had a moderate symphony küre, but no view for only one side of good music. Its goal was it to write “no note to too much and no note too few”. Accordingly minimalistic its piano miniatures are put on.

Piano works

  • Música callada
  • Cançons y of danses
  • Canción de cuna
  • Cants màgics
  • Paisajes
  • Préludes
  • variation sur un thème de Chopin
  • Trois variation
  • Dialogues
  • souvenir de l'exposition
  • Impresiones intimas - Planys
  • Scènes d'enfants
  • Pessebres
  • of charm
  • Suburbis
  • Fêtes of lointaines - six pièces pour piano

of songs

  • song cycle “Combat del somni” (dream fight) on texts of the poet Josep Janes


of all piano works:

  • Brilliant Classics, Complete piano works (4CDs), easily of the composer, 1974

Música callada:

of “Combat del somni”

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