Field refuge

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Land of the Federal Republic: Schleswig-Holstein
district: Circle Stormarn
office: Nordstormarn
inhabitant: 624 (2003)
population density: 40 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip codes: 23858
preselection: 04533
Kfz characteristics: OD
municipality key: 01 0 62 093
city arrangement: 2 local parts and/or.
Urban districts

field refuge is a municipality in the circle Stormarn, north of bath old RST.

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field refuge developed to the 1. January 1978 from a fusion of the independent places Havighorst (Kirchspiel old RST) and stone field. The name is a technical term, which was formed from the final syllables of both establishment place parts.

local parts

Havighorst (KO)

Havighorst 1327 , when it was sold to the monastery pure field , were mentioned for the first time documentary. After dissolution of the monastery in the course of the reformation Havighorst was assigned to the nationalwonderful office pure field. Its inhabitants had to carry out still until 1772 stone yard hand and clamping services for the Vorwerk.

After the Annexion Schleswig-Holstein by Prussia Havighorst belongs since 1867 to the newly formed circle Stormarn. With introduction of the Prussian municipal constitution it was assigned 1889 to the office district deer refuge and came with the reorganisation to the Second World War 1948 to the office pure field. Since 1972 Havighorst belongs to the office Nordstormarn. At the time of the union with stone field the place had 208 inhabitants.


already in 14. Century possessed the local part Havighorst (KO) a chapel, which belonged to the monastery pure field. In the reformation both local parts became lutherisch.


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