are sergeant ranks in the German Federal Armed Forces in the career of the NCOs the grade category of the NCOs with Portepee, the sergeant ranks. The counterpart at the navy is the Bootsmann.

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sergeants are NCOs, who can give crews and NCOs without Portepee of instructions within the borders set by the superior regulation (VorgV).
They are obligated as soldiers on time (SaZ) usually 12 years (in exceptional cases 8 years) for the service and have the possibility, with special suitability after this time to a service relationship as a career soldier to be transferred.

With normal service process should be carried a SaZ in the sergeant career into the rank main sergeant/main boat man. Since transports however always accompany with service posts and the German Federal Armed Forces are subject to strong restructuring, most separate at the end of their service as technical sergeants.

With respect to the German Federal Armed Forces between two sergeant careers one differentiates: Troop service and specialty service.

sergeants of the troop service

sergeant of the troop service are, after their training, active in a master unit or in a military organisation area directly as superiors.

A multiplicity of different military guidance uses is open to the time soldier. In the army these application type e.g. cover. a group or a platoon leader. Sergeants have to lead so for example at the armor branch of the army the possibility a battle tank and its crew.

sergeant of the general specialty service

in this career takes the time soldier as a specialist the responsibility for a complex field of activity. The use reaches here from a specialist activity within special technical ranges up to multinational employments in crisis regions.

The activities correspond to those of a master in a civilian enterprise. This career for soldiers, who are with priority in technical, administering or operational tasks with guidance responsibility interested, is meant.

Uses are among other things: Motor vehicle repair, electronic clearing-up or aircraft mechanics. Like that a sergeant is responsible to him in the repair for its mechanic team, supervises the quality and is responsible for the out and further training subordinated soldiers.


these ranks are settled between NATO pay stages OR6 to OR9. Whereby OR6 of the sergeants/Bootsmann and OR9 of the upper Csms/upper staff boat man is. The grade category of the sergeants is equivalent for the grade category of the Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) in US armed forces. Whereby in US Army, which US navy Corps and US Navy the pay stages OR4 and OR5 is likewise ranked among the NCO. In US air Force however covers the Riege of the NCO the stages OR5 to OR9.

list of the ranks

of NCOs with Portepee of the army/the Air Force and the navy
upper Csm/upper staff boat man
Csm/staff boat man
(army: To field execution)
main sergeant/main boat man
OR-9/A9 OR-8/A9 OR-7/A8
technical sergeant/upper boat man
OR-6/A7 OR-6/A7

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