Felician Martin of Zaremba

count Felician Martin of Zaremba, gelegentl. Felizian Martin of Zaremba, (* 15. March 1794 in Zaroy with Grodno (Poland), † 15. March 1874 in Basel) was a Russian diplomat, Prediger and a Missionar of Polish origin.


Zaremba was the son of a Russian officer of Polish origin. Already with nine years Zaremba became 1803 full orphan. An uncle adopted it and gave him a good education. 1811 began to study Zaremba with 17 years at the University of Dorpat politics and history. Later it changed to the University of Moscow.

Later Zaremba its study with a graduation locked five years. At the end of November 1816 its thesis, an investigation over the Russian trade guilds, one recognized.

Russian chancellor Karl Robert von Nesselrode became attentive on Zaremba and provided for him at the Zarenhof a place with the Reichskollegium for foreign affairs. There Zaremba acquaintance with the diplomat Ioannis Kapodistrias made it for that likewise promoted.

Already during its study Zaremba with the Pietismus had come into contact. Johann Heinrich young Stilling and its work busy it so much that it gave up after some considering its diplomatic career and to Germany traveled. In Weinheim (bathe) it met a grandchild young Stillings, which drew the attention of it to the Basler mission.

In Basel Zaremba got used to itself with Spittler, with which he also lived, and registered 1818 at the mission school of the Basler mission. There so far only for other societies mission acres were trained. Zaremba became now one first, which should work then also as Basler mission acres. In July 1821 it was sent into the south of the Zarenreiches.

With a colleague Zaremba traveled after pc. Petersburg, in order to fetch itself at the Zarenhof personally permission for the Missonieren. There this project the Evangelist Secretary of cultural affairs Alexander N. Golizyn very unlocked faced, had also Zar Alexander I. nothing against it.

In the years 1822 to 1838 Zaremba in the Caucasus worked. It created era advice an Armenian school in Schuscha, in the proximity. Later this was extended by an educational university un printering. In the fight against the Islam Zaremba tried to merge the Armenian church into its Evangelist mission work with. A quotation Zarembas reads: the Orient can be missioniert only by the Orient.

The Armenian office church saw this somewhat differently and intervened with Zar Nikolaus I. That had the consequence that 1835 with a decree of the Zaren were forbidden immediately the entire Basler mission in the Zarenreich. Zaremba was still permitted it to liquidate the mission station and then also it the country was referred.

1838 it reached again its nut/mother house in Basel. but in the following year it already decreased/went back again into the Caucasus and worked until 1859 as Wanderprediger in the Caucasus. In August 1859 it always returned to Switzerland . There he became a very engaged coworker of the mission newspaper the heath messenger.

In the next years Zaremba suffered several impact accumulations, from which he could not recover any longer. It lost its language and to 31. May 1874 died count Felician Martin of Zaremba at the age of 80 years in Basel. The mission supervisor J. Josenhans held on the occasion of the funeral at the 3. June 1874 a much-considered grave speech.

Zaremba is a text poet third Strophe of the church song EEC 593 (the special is yours, Mr. Jesu Christian):

You starbest as Weizenkorn and would sink into the grave;
animate, o life fount, the world, the God you gave.
Send messengers out into each country that soon your name becomes admits,
your name of full blessedness.
Also we stehn you ready for the service;
ready for the service; for you ready for the service.


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