Felix Louis Calonder

Felix Louis Calonder (* 7. December 1863; † 14. June 1952), of Trin GR, was a Swiss politician (FDP).

It became to 12. June 1913 as only Rätoromane into the Upper House of Parliament selected. To 12. He handed February over 1920 itsOffice. During its term of office it managed the following Departementen:

it engaged itself with the Upper House of Parliament Giuseppe Motta for the entry of Switzerland to the Völkerbund. At the 16.Mai 1920 Switzerland stepped thenwith scarce condition more (11/10 no) the Völkerbund. After the resignation from the Upper House of Parliament it mediated together with international law professor Max Huber in the conflict between Finland and Åland.

He was Federal President in the year 1918 and vice-president in the year 1917.



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