Felix count von Luckner

Felix von Luckner

Felix count von Luckner (* 9. June 1881 in Dresden; † 13. April 1966 in Malmö) was a German naval officer and writer.

Luckner was the great-grandchild of Nicolaus of Luckner, marshal of France and commander in chief of the French Army of the Rhine, in 18. Century was raised from the Danish king into the count conditions. With thirteen years broke it the school off, over under the name “Phylax loading corner” on a Russian Handelssegler anzuheuern.

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the sea-devil

to fame arrived from Luckner in the First World War, when it as captain second lieutenant and a commander of the auxiliary cruisersea-eagle “, a motorized sailing boat, which broke through English sea-blockade. For this it camouflaged the ship as Norwegian freighter.

In his book sea-devil it describes an applying of 16 hostile ships in one period of December 1916 until December 1917. Due to the war it let 14 sink. On one it dismissed all prisoners again into the liberty and on the other one, which was applied after successful escape with only a normal motorboat, went it later to the second time into the shank.

For the number of the ships, which were sunk by Luckner, there are different data. These vary between 14 and 23. Here a only one hostile sailor died.

It was respected also by the enemy side because of its human warfare. After its ship in a storm in Polynesien had been destroyed, it turned out in the South Seas close New Zealand in war shank.

Its achievements for the German navy brought in the surname “sea-devil” for it.

its life after that 1. World war

SMS sea-eagle

under its name several books appeared after end of war. However it served some Ghostwriter and only to a certain portion comes of itself the texts of its feather/spring. Sea-devil was the title of its Hauptwerkes. Depending upon political situation he adapted the text accordingly. The count used his popularity, in order to convince on lecture journeys in the USA the Americans of the “true German Patrioten”. Beside the United States it visited many other countries with its lecture journeys also. From Luckner Nazi - regime, whereupon - turned again and again data own after Luckners in the public against - a death sentence toward end of the Second World War followed.

Luckners personal employment is to be owed it that the city resounds a.d. Saale with their conquest in 2. World war was not destroyed. In April 1945 the Americans threatened with substantial bombardment Halles if city would not arise. It succeeded to pierce itself Luckner to the US army. After its he would call the German commander of city convince on the commander of the “Timberwolves”, that American unit, which resounded conquer should, could, out resounded to take off. This happened against an express leader instruction to defend the city “up to the latter”. The German troops took off to the south and resound became the open city. Already ready-for-launch allied bomber-verb-change remained thereupon at the soil. So Luckner could prevent the destruction of the city by its negotiations. Luckner became for it after the war the honour Colonel of the 104. US division “Timberwölfe” appointed.

When the American troops took off later again and handed the city over to the Red Army, Luckner went into the west, where he held far lectures and bookspublished.

Count von Luckner was famous to tear up with his appearances of directories with bare hands and to crush coins with the fingers. However are thereby cheat a role to have played.

Its memoirs reached editions of several millions in the USA. The Americans lent already from the German Reich highly decorated Germans over 100 honour titles, among other things he was honour citizen San Franciscos.

Count von Luckner died in April 1966 in Malmö, where he with his Swedish Mrs. Ingeborg tightness-flow had lived. He was buried at the Ohlsdorfer cemetery in Hamburg.

Due to its adventurous life (see. “Sea-devil”) was Luckner honour member of the Nerother of moving bird. The moreover one he is the name patron 1970 of a created pathfinder trunk from Wuppertal.


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Felix count von Luckner society

in resounds (Saale) became to 29. March 2004 for the promotion of the people communication “Felix count von Luckner society registered association” created, to the goal set themselves the work and the attitude the Luckners for humanity and people communication in the today's time to continue. Also to the establishment of a thinking mark as well as a museum for count Luckner one thinks. Already after few months association history were already more than 100 members from 14 nations.

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