Felix II. (Pope)

Felix II. was Patriarch of Rome from 483 to 1. March 492. Its name is Latin and meant „the lucky one “.

In another counting it than Felix appears III., because it from 355 to 358 a Pope Felix II., that gavepartly as Gegenpapst, partly as a legal Pope one regards. Thus it becomes sometimes also as Felix III. (II.) and/or. Felix II. (III.) and depending upon aspect the legal or illegitimate Pontifikat of the Gegenpapstes Felix II. names. indicated.

The out Roman senator conditions coming Felix,Son of a priest, stepped already married into the priest conditions. At this time he was father of several children. As a deacon Felix became to 13. March with the agreement king Odoakers to the Pope selected.

In a time of the controversy between Nestorianern, Chalcedoniern (orthodox one) and Monophysiten had Acacius, which writes Patriarch of Konstantinopel , 482 the Henotikon. As the Roman bishop 484 imposed the church spell over the trailers of the Henotikons, it caused the first Schisma between Rome and Konstantinopel, which persisted to 519. It stepped that for independenceChurch opposite the emperor , which in view of the circumstance that Italy was extracted from the direct access of east Rome in this time of the Germanic rule, it was also quite practicable.

Its anniversary is the 1. March.

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