Ferdinand Georg August von Sachsen-Coburg-Saalfeld-Koháry

Ferdinand Georg August, Prinz zu Sachsen-Coburg-Saalfeld-Koháry (* 28. March 1785 in Coburg; † 27. August 1851 in Vienna) was a field marshal second lieutenant in Austrian services.


Ferdinand George August was the second son of the duke Franz by Saxonia Coburg Saalfeld and became to 28. March 1785 in Coburg born. It stepped 1791 as Unterleutnant into Austrian military services and became a field marshal second lieutenant and owner of a Hussar regiment, as which it in the battles of 1809 and 1812/13 along-fenced and itself particularly in the battleKulm out-did. Since 1816 with the rich princess Marie Antonie Gabriele von Koháry (geb. 2. July 1797), daughter of the last prince of this name, ground, he received the Hungarian Indigenat to 1827 and died 27. August 1851 in Vienna.

Ferdinand of Saxonia Coburg Koháry justified the catholic line of theHouse Saxonia Coburg, since it had to convert to the catholic faith, in order to be able to marry its bride.


  • Princess Viktoria ofSaxonia Coburg hall field 1822 - 1857


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