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Johann Heinrich Ferdinand Olivier, towards. the younger one (* 1. April 1785 in Dessau; † 11. February 1841 in Munich was a German painter and commercial artist. Artistically it was close to the Nazarenern .

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Olivier was the son of the paedagogue Professor. Ferdinand Olivier d.A. and its wife, the opera singer Louise Niedhart. Like its Friedrich Olivier and Heinrich Olivier also Ferdinand Olivier enjoyed brothers in the years 1801 to 1802 first artistic instruction by Karl William Kolbe and Johann Christian Haldenwang.

In the years 1802 to 1803 Olivier in Berlin woodcut techniques learned Unger with Johann God-dear. In this time also Oliviers decision fell to become artists. From summer 1804 to summers 1806 Olivier as well as its brother Heinrich went to Dresden, where they copied mostly landscapes of Claude Lorrain and Jacob Izaaksoon van Ruisdael.

Olivier still pupil of Jakob William Mechau and Karl Ludwig Kaaz became additional. Over contacts of Friedrich August von Klinckowstroem they made for acquaintance with Philipp Otto Runge and Caspar David Friedrich.

Olivier was held by the war 1807 in Dessau. Thus it became acquainted with however the politician of Rode, which engaged it as a message secretary to the Prussian agency in Paris. Still in the same year Olivier began its service. Some months later also its brother Heinrich followed. Olivier quit, in order to have again time for the art. By the switching of Rodes Olivier got however still three orders of duke Leopold III. of notion Dessau, which made possible to expand the stay until 1810.

In the summer 1810 Olivier as well as its brother Friedrich undertook a resin journey. The pictures developed on this journey show already clearly the influence of Caspar David Friedrich.

1811 traveled Olivier over Dresden to Vienna over. There it met Joseph Anton cook. In the following year he married Margret Heller, a widow with three children. In Vienna Olivier experiences also its religious arousing, which entailed a recess of its protest anti-mash.

Its studio became the center of Protestant artists in Vienna, whereby it comes again and again for the friendly change with the catholic Nazarenern or the circle around August William Schlegel. 1816 were taken up Olivier to the Lukasgilde. In Oliviers family lived also still its brother Heinrich Olivier and Julius Schnorr of Carolsfeld.

After the end of the wars of liberation Olivier as well as Philipp Veit traveled by salt citizens the country, and they discover this region for the German landscape painting. On a second journey to this landscape it was accompanied by its brother Friedrich Olivier , Carl Ludwig Frommel , Johann Christian Rist and Julius Schnorr of Carolsfeld.

1830 followed Olivier to Munich and became on Fürsprache of Peter Cornelius as a successor of Theobald Schorn Secretary-General of the Munich academy. 1833 were appointed Olivier as the professor for history of art.

At the age of 56 years Johann Heinrich Ferdinand Olivier at the 11 died. February 1841 in Munich.

Although Olivier never was in Rome, he applies until today as one of the most important representatives of the Nazarener. In its late work it idealized besides topics of Gaspard Dughet and Nicolas Poussin.


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