Ferdinand Piëch

Ferdinand K. Piëch, briefly: Ferdinand Piëch (* 17. April 1937 in Vienna) chairman of the supervisory board Volkswagen is AG.

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Piëch is a grandchild of Ferdinand Porsche,its daughter Louise the Viennese lawyer Anton Piëch married. After the study of mechanical engineering at the ETH Zurich, in its thesis (diploma) he was concerned with the development of a Formel-1 - engine, its career began 1963 with its uncle Ferry Porsche in Stuttgart Zuffenhausen. 1972 wentPiëch to VOLKSWAGEN - daughter AUDI after Ingolstadt, 1975 it was appointed into the executive committee and was promoted 1983 to the deputy chairman. 1988 became Ferdinand Piëch boss of AUDI, where it was relevant Gestalter of the mark picture. Crucial innovations were among other things a permanent all-wheel drive (“Quattro”) andthe TDI - Engine.

At the 1. January 1993 became Ferdinand Piëch of chairman of the board Volkswagen AG in wolf castle and got themselves to José Ignacio López of general of engine to VOLKSWAGEN, with whose reduction of costs program very loading for the ancillary industries the company was financially reorganized at short notice, however substantial problems in qualityin-acted. López turned out then however under the suspicion of the industrial espionage and left 1996 Volkswagen.

When further achievements Piëchs are in the Volkswagen company that, while its time as a Volkswagen chairman of the board however again strongly related, structure of AUDI as Premium mark, the structure of the daughter Seat, as well as the transformation Škodas to one which can be taken autofarmer seriously.

To state also the developments three-litre of the Lupo and a road-suited a litre car are. Also the purchase of the luxury brands Bentley and Bugatti fall under its auspice. Until 2002 Ferdinand Piëch of chairmen of the board of Volkswagen was, today is it a chairmanthe supervisory board.

Piëch has the call of a brilliant, but humanly sharp-edged technician. As a partner the Porsche getting thing OHG in Salzburg and Dr. engineer. h.c. F. Porsche AG in Stuttgart (13% of the common stock) has Piëch a considerable fortune. It is thirteen children of fourdifferent women have. Since 1984 he is an honour doctor DOES Vienna. 1999 he became honour citizen of the city Zwickau, as well as 2002 of the city wolf castle.


Piëchs term of office as a chairman of the board with Volkswagen is coined/shaped by the entrance in the luxury segment and thoseHigh positioning of all series. The purchase of Rolls-Royces & Bentley engine Cars of the arms company Vickers proved as billion-grave. Since the rights of the use of a name were because of Rolls-Royces indirectly with BMW, Volkswagen had the label name Bentley the prestigious mark Rolls-Royce at BMW to sell and could only to use.

The upper class model Phaeton and the purchase and structure of the luxury mark Bugatti proved as failure and devoured likewise amounts of billion.

Although the development had already far progressed, Piëch changed with the important middle class model trade wind of one at the VOLKSWAGEN gulf oriented platform on those of the AUDI A4 and thus ofTransverse installation of the engine to the longitudinal installation, in order to be able to offer also in this class of vehicles with more than six cylinders. At enormous expenditure particularly for this purpose an eight cylinder engine in exotic W-form was developed. This W8-Modell was not sold as well as, the engine became inno other company model assigned and production afterwards adjusted. The current VOLKSWAGEN trade wind is, like also the model built to 1996, transverse motor vehicle.

Beyond that the austerity policy led the VOLKSWAGEN under Piëch and López to substantial problems in quality, in particular with gulf IV of the first production years(Toothed belt damage, engine freezing up, lack of body), which load and to image problems led the Volkswagen company by high guarantee costs this very day.

Criticism worthy likewise the designation from Piëch is to the chairman of the supervisory board. It is made more difficult by this highest control function to the chairman of the board Bernd Pischetsrieder, the errors of its predecessorto correct.

interest conflicts

the families Porsche and Piech control the sportscar manufacturer Porsche, Piech alone possess more than ten per cent of the common stock. He is not only a supervisory board chairman of VOLKSWAGEN and Mitglied in the Porsche supervisory board, but also partner the Porsche getting thing in Salzburg, one thatmost important Volkswagen selling partner in many countries. With Piech the threads of Porsche and VOLKSWAGEN gather. And it uses this power pretty often. It was again and again complicated in the past into the fall by managers, both with AUDI and with Volkswagen.

FirstVictim was 1993 the AUDI boss Franz Josef Kortüm, which was already fired after 13 months, because Piech with the paragraph numbers was not content. Kortüm became the calamity that AUDI had produced before under Piech on waste dump. Also the self-confident successor harsh ore Demel had the posts soonvacate again, when it was together-guessed/advised to the repeated mark with Piech. A further prominent victim was also Franz Josef Paeffgen. Piech 2001 pikanterweise had shot it over an interview in the Frankfurt general newspaper, in which he had criticized „the stop” with AUDI.FAZ: The plotsthe Porsche grandchild.

Also the current discussion around the future of the Volkswagen chief executive Bernd Pischetsrieder, which became to auserkoren once from Piech personally as its successors, was activated by a statement Piechs. This placed the support Pitschetsrieders in February 2005 publicly on the part of the representatives for the employees in the supervisory board ofVOLKSWAGEN in question.

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