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of these articles is occupied with the NSDAP politician Ferdinand Werner. For a description of the historian of the same name Karl Ferdinand Werner see Karl Ferdinand Werner (historian).

Dr. Ferdinand Friedrich Karl Werner (* 1876, † 1961) was a first National Socialist president of Hessen.

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personal record

Ferdinand Werner belonged „to the homeland association Chattia pouring as a student “and already was in the German Reich of radical Antisemit. From 1910-1933 he was a teacher to the Weidigschule in Butzbach. Starting from 1923 he was a delegate of the German national party in the Darmstädter federal state parliament. With its change to the NSDAP it became 1933 their leader of the parliamentary group in the Darmstädter federal state parliament and to 13. March 1933 to the first National Socialist president and Prime Minister of Hessen selected. It replaced thereby Bernhard Adelung (SPD). Its term of office already ended to 20. September 1933. Its successor became Philipp William young (NSDAP).

After the end of the war Werner remained prominent member of the Darmstädter historical commission. Later he became hessian national historian. Still 1961 described it the director/conductor of public records Darmstadt as one „idealistic Vorkämpfer of the national socialism “.

As an account or also only an open dissociation from the Nazitum in hessian national history in most cases did not take place also at Werner. „Sometimes one would like to throw the veil of the oblivion over it “, meant the Darmstädter archives leader.


Ferdinand Werner was 1933-1946 honour citizens of the city le things. Those became it at the 3. September 1946 by the first freely selected town council after the war denied.


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