Ferdinand of Hochstetter

Ferdinand knight of Hochstetter (* 30. April 1829 in Esslingen at the Neckar; † 18. July 1884 in Vienna) was a geographer, a geologist, a natural scientist and a discoverer.

The son Bonn professor and city minister of the Christian Friedrich Hochstetter (1787-20. February 1860) completed the monastery school Maulbronn and studied at the University of Tübingen theology and natural sciences. Afterwards it went to Austria, where it for the geological institute for realm the Böhmerwald, that Carlsbad mountains, which took up ore mountains and basal tables the low mountain range Böhmens geologically. 1856 he became private lecturer at the University of Vienna.

1857 it on behalf the Viennese imperial Academy of Sciences participated in the Weltumseglungsexpedition the Austrian frigate November era (see also new fact RA expedition).

In New Zealand he remained investigating back around the country geologically and kartographieren. Thus the all first geological map of New Zealand comes from Hochstetter.

Back in Austria it was appointed 1860 as the professor for geology and mineralogy to the Viennese technical university and led starting from 1876 as a director the nature-historical yard museum in Vienna.

Between them it undertook again and again expanded journeys in scientific interest, then it bereiste 1863 Switzerland and Italy, 1869 Turkey, 1872 Russia and the Urals.

Ferdinand of Hochstetter died to 18. July 1884 in Oberdöbling with Vienna (in today's 19. Viennese municipality district).

After it peak and the Hochstetter fjord are designated in Greenland in the alps of New Zealand of the Hochstetter.


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