Remote and Hoffmann

remote and Hoffmann (* 8. May 1929 in Düdelingen/Luxembourg; † 22. November 2000 in hell-smell) was a Luxemburger paedagogue, writer and linguist.

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lives and working

the son of a people school teacher buildup in hell-smells, and studied after the Abitur 1948 Germanistik, old philology and history in Paris and Tübingen. It terminated its study with the Luxemburger state graduation.

Starting from 1953 he was a teacher at the Lycée de garçons from Luxembourg and studied starting from 1968 in Nancy, where he was attained a doctorate after four years with the thesis „Thomas's man as a philosopher of the illness “to „docteur ès lettres “.

1967 he was appointed the professor at Institut Pédagogique, 1977 took place the call to „the Centre Universitaire “in Luxembourg. it stepped 1992 into the retirement.

The Luxemburger literature and linguistics was of Hoffmann chief work area. Besides it was one of the best connoisseurs of the Mundartlyrik in the German linguistic area. Hoffmann was establishment and honorary president of the international institute for dialect in Vienna, member scientific rest of the institute for German language in Mannheim.


literary work

  • 1965 - Öslinger stories
  • 1972 - the border
  • 1981 - subsequent collections
  • 1986 - the zahme crow
  • 1988 - the strewing meadow
  • 1992 - Pitterchen (novel in Lëtzebuergesch)

scientific writings

  • 1964-1967 - history of the Luxemburger dialect seal. Bd 1.2.
  • 1969 - The of Luxembourg in instruction/Hoffmann, Fernand
  • 1969 - Luxemburgensia anastatica (Hrsg.)
  • 1974 - location Luxembourg/Hoffmann, Fernand
  • 1975 - Thomas's man as a philosopher of the illness: Attempt of a systematic representation of its value philosophy bio negatives
  • of the 1976 - dialogue in the dialect
  • 1978 - the new German dialect seal: Tendencies and authors represented by the example of the lyric poetry; with Josef Berlinger.
  • 1979 - Dialektologie today/Hoffmann, Fernand
  • 1979 - languages in Luxembourg: linguistic and literarhistorische description of a Triglossie situation
  • 1981 - intermediate country: dial-acct-logical, dialect-philological and dialect-literary border courses
  • 1982 - home coming in the realm of the words: Attempt over Swiss writer Gerhard Meier
  • 1986 - Thomas's man from day to day: the large human completely intimately and humanly all too humanly: to 30. Day of death of Thomas's man
  • 1987 - aspects Lëtzebuerge/hrsg. of Jean Pierre Goudaillier et al.
  • 1988 - George Christoph Lichtenberg and Thomas man. Rezeption, influences and parallels.
  • 1989 - Elsassischi grammar or an attempt to plumb the language: Poems in the elsässischen dialect of André waking man; therein Nachbemerkung remote and Hoffmann
  • 1991 - Dicks, or descent and ascent of the Edmond de la Fontaine. Life and work of a national poet. (1991)
  • 1992 - Thomas's man and its world
  • 1993 - a country, three languages: to the Triglossie situation in Luxembourg
  • 1993 - Friedrich Duerrenmatt (1921-1991): doubting, desperate Gottsuchertum of fully paradoxical hope
  • 1993 - Thomas and Klaus man in their relation to France
  • 1994 - bridges strike… “far outside on own feet”: Anniversary publication for remote and Hoffmann

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