Fernando Cento

Fernando cardinal Cento (* 10. August 1883 in Pollenza, Italy; † 13. January 1973 in Rome) was bishop von Acireale, vatikanischer diplomat and a cardinal of the Roman-catholic church.


Fernando Cento studierete in Macerata and Rome the fan catholic theology and philosophy. It received to 23. December 1905 the Sakrament of the Priesterweihe and informed afterwards in the seminar of Macerata. From 1916 to 1918 it provided the task of the secretary with the papal Majordomus. 1917 lent Pope Benedikt XV to it. the title of a papal secret treasurer, 1919 he appointed it the Kanoniker of the cathedral of Macerata, where Fernando Cento created and published the Diözesanzeitung „IL Cittadino “. it received the appointment as the bishop von Acireale to 1922. The Bischofsweihe donated Giovanni cardinal Tacci Porcelli to it. Pope Pius XI. appointed Fernando Cento 1926 to the Apostoli Nuntius in Venezuela, 1936 it entrusted it with the same task in Peru. Pope Pius XII. appointed it 1940 the Apostoli Nuntius for Belgium and Luxembourg. 1953 were Fernando Cento of papal special envoys on the occasion of the coronation/culmination ceremonies for queen Elizabeth II. of England. In the same year it the line of the Apostoli Nuntiatur was transferred into Portugal. Pope Johannes XXIII. took it to 15. December 1958 as cardinal priests with the title church Sant' Eustachio into the Kardinalskollegium up. Both under Pope Johannes XXIII. and under Pope Paul VI. functioned Fernando Cento with numerous causes in Italy and abroad as papal envoys. To 23. April 1965 he was appointed the cardinal bishop von Velletri and Segni. It died to 13. January 1973 in Rome and was bestattet in the parish church by Pollenza.


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