Television film

of television films are usually TV-Auftragsproduktionen , which are given and financed to one or more television stations in order contrary to motion picture films to 100% of. In Germany each larger transmitter television films of all categories leaves by order producers manufactured. However some television stations created also own independent production companies, which are assigned the production of television films. Thus the transmitters have the possibility of receiving sales profits from the production as incomes in the own production companies. This procedure of the transmitters leads to competition verse pulling with a clear disadvantage of the independent television production companies.

Under normal conditions a producer offers to the editor of a television station a Treatment , frequently together with occupation suggestions for director and main roles. If the Treatment interests the editor, he will suggest it in an editorship meeting. If the editorship decides for the material, the producer is assigned to develop a film script (see material development).

The development of the film script is cared for by the editor. The finished film script is then suggested again in an editorship meeting, in which the editorship decides whether it assigns an order. If the producer has the order, it provides a calculation and must these by the television station absegnen to leave. Only then the film can go into production. The editorship decreases the raw cut, the music, the mixture and the transmission band . All rights at the film script are held by the production company until a transmitter assigns an order for production to the production company and pays the rights at the film script. The rights at the finished film belong already during the development and production to the transmitter. The order producer carries however alone the production risk, i.e. in case of of cost overruns this carries the producer alone, as far as he is not secured by film insurance.

Usually a television film has a length of 90 minutes. With private television stations a film with advertisement takes two hours. A well-known German television film director is Dieter whisk, which turned already numerous television film series for different transmitters.

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