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of television prices are honors, which are assigned approximately for special achievements around the television. Contrary to pure film prices also newscasts, documentations and shows are distinguished. More strongly still than with the film television prices (their number lies in Germany over one hundred) in the discussion play one around medium qualitybasic role: Television prices are considered as quality seals to television quality. The Adolf Grimme price understands itself bspw. when annual definition of quality television, a goal, which since 1999 also the German television price sits down.

With the establishment of the television as mass medium into the 1960er years placed themselves the television prices,at that time, the televisionspecific qualities established into the foreground. 1964 was based the Adolf Grimme price, the Trade Union of German Employees television price (today those television price), the television play price of the German academy of the representing arts and the Prix Jeunesse.

The objectives and valuation categories with German television prices are very different, a standardisation of television price categories give itnot, in some cases the price categories are determined even according to availability of potential winners. Are both television prices, which distinguish „the best television broadcast “, and honors, the film script, actor, Nebendarsteller, camera, cut, etc. prize winner. As is the case for film prices it is also with television prices usual practice thatthe winners by juries, nominating commissions or editorships, thus from a system of specialists, to be determined.

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