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a TV serial is a succession of cinematic works, which are usually radiated at the same time on a defined day on the television. A series has, except for few exceptions (for example Outer of limit), always a set of firm characters, which experience adventures or other report-worth events in the series. Typically for a TV serial normally are the continuous duration and history locked in itself.

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characteristics of TV serials

TV serials are particularly delightful for the spectators due to its recognizing value. Series star are thatLike neighbours or acquaintance and possesses a high identification potential trusts spectators. They are particularly interesting for the television stations, because they bind the spectators to the respective television station.

With the private stations series for an in-hour radiant emittance usually becomewith a length of approx. 44 minutes, and for an halfhour of approx. 22 minutes, noted and with advertisement on the full length brought.

difference between series and row

often becomes between the terms „series “and „row “differentiated. The latters designation thereby a group of films, which stand under a common topic, however in itself more closed are and at least partly with changing personnel work (afterwards for example scene would be a row, Derrick a series). For series and rows(as loose composition of films) legally different regulations apply concerning the advertising time, so that it can be attractive for transmitters to unite films to rows.RTL argued for example with an institute for national medium whether in films under the title „TV-novel “to be as often and for a long time recruited was allowed as in a series.

series from the out and inland

on the German-language television set the transmitters at different times once on series from the USA (in particular in the early period thatRadiant emittance of series on the German-language television), at other times on native productions. These changing trends follow the insight that one can address only certain target groups with foreign productions. After arising the private television the offer out-differentiated itself: Duringsome transmitters on US-American series set (for example in Germany cable 1 and VOX), send others a mixture of native and foreign productions (for example RTL), other predominantly own or order productions (so for instance the public transmitters). In addition the decision followsfor foreign and/or. native productions the prices on the market for rights of exploitation and/or. production costs. US-American Produktionsgesellschaften offer often also features and series in packages, which must be acquired then by a transmitter together, whereby itself then the taskit places to calculate whether and if necessary at which transmission place one radiates the series at all.


„Season “is the American name for (yearly) a relay of a TV serial. The term does not correspond with the German term of the relay, there inon regularly returning annual plans is not based to German television contrary to the American radiant emittance of series. The Season exists thereby usually of 10-24 individual episodes within a yearly, which is then often separated from a larger turning break.

Within oneRelay (in addition, into the Seasons) often gives it a large action strand, which is resumed during stories of the individual episodes. The same recurring characters often arise.


of organization of the series after time of origin

German classical authors



From this organization the consequence of the six films falls so far the feet carries from 1958/1959 out. It was ten years after the home coming of many prisoners of war an attempt to make this period of life understandable. Rather a documentation as a feature, which was natural it after the film script. Still to the earliest today comparably with the work of Guido Knopp (SECOND CHANNEL OF GERMAN TELEVISION history - Verfilmer). But for television history it was the piercing success of a series. Raus from the normalEvening feature (cinema) format. The row worked for three spectator generations as Blockbuster, which determined for weeks the discussions.

popular series of the 1950er years

popular series of the 1960er years

popular series of the 1970er years

popular series of the 1980er years

popular series of the 1990er years

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Popular series of the 2000er years


Since beginning of the Internet age many Fersehserien have own Fanpages provided by fans. This Fanpages serves the exchange with other fans apart from the information about the series also. In forums these series are discussed, praised or criticized.

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