Ferrante I. Gonzaga

Ferrante I. Gonzaga (* 28. January 1507; † 15. November 1557) from the family Gonzaga was the third son of the Mark count Gianfrancesco II. Gonzaga of Mantua and the Isabella d'Este.

It made a military career, within which it it up to the field gentleman emperor Karls V. brought and from this 1536 to the viceroy of Sicilies one appointed. This office gave it 1546 up in favor of the governorship of Milan , which it held until 1555.

Ferrante Gonzaga bought the county Guastalla to 1539. It had 1529 Isabella of Capua († 17. September 1559) married, the daughter of the prince Ferdinand of Molfetta. With their it had a son, Cesare I. Gonzaga, which was appointed the duke by Amalfi.


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