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Ferris MC/Sascha Reimann (* 2. October 1973 in Neuwied) is a German musician, RWSby and actors.

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it finally spent its childhood in new cathedral , Kiel and in Bremen - Tenever. In almost all its music pieces, he makes his eventful, not very lucky childhood and youth, in the appearance coined/shaped by an innate lip, Kiefer, palate column, in the surrounding field of the traumata of a broken family with changing drunk stepfathers, for an overtaxed nut/mother, school changes problems drug-conditioned from High School to special school and again back, psychological and, constantly the continuous topic always flashing.

With trouble and emergency suppl. corroding ore it extended main graduation and makes barely its conclusion as KFZ mechanic. Beside it steps however into radio and television as looked for actors and speakers on (z. B. “Not of bad parents”, “GZSZ” and. A.).

Together with Flowin Immo, alias Immo Wischhusen and DJ Pee, create it at the beginning of the 90's, apart from High School and training in Bremen, the Freaks Association Bremen (F.A.B.), which provides rapidly for attention in the then straight budding German RWS scene. Soon arise they in transmissions with VIVA, MTV and various meetings and festivals .

1994 publishes it on the small Hip Hop Indie label MZEE the first album Freaks, which is acted this very day for many in its intelligent connection of force, rage and insanity without brakes as milestone of the German Hiphops.

1997 solves it F.A.B. after substantial private and artistic problems, which result particularly from the excessive drug consumption Ferris´ and the breaking out manischen depression Immos, briefly before the assumption into a large Plattendeal up, in order to disappear only once in sinking.

1998 pull Ferris after several Nervenzusammenbrüchen and Suizidversuchen to Hamburg and follow the Mongo Clikke , in which he finds finally artistic and personal support, homeland and stop, its problems to some extent into the grasp to get and on its musical work concentrate. It pulls Tobitob together of the group of five stars Deluxe with Tobias Schmidt, alias , finds published in DJ Stylewarz a patient and its kind of appearance appropriate concert DJ, over the disk company Yo mummy several plates as feature and single artists and wins several renowned music prices.


with the “classical” German Hiphop locks Ferris MC alias Sascha Reimann however for quite some time.

He works since 2002 again increased as an actor for cinema and TV. At present it stands for the motion picture film, work title: “For the unknown dog” (Prod.: Eye! Warning, direction: Dominik and Benjamin Reding, which 2000 with the film “Oi! Warning “for international attention provided), before the camera.

With the musician Marc Thiel alias Marks of Deal it operates a new musical project, the House and electronics - duo “Maniax “, under its names it by various clubs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as liveDJs routes.

To 17. March 2006 appeared its last single “dark legend”, an uncoupling from to 31. March 2006 appearing, BestOf of the same name album.

In addition Ferris MC becomes interesting toward end of the yearly 2006 for T-Com customer: Starting from autumn this yearly its voice the past prominent one becomes, like z. B. Michael Ballack and Kevin Kuranyi, the contingent of the speakers of the T-Net-box added.

That means let one the possibility discuss its answering set individually with text modules of Ferris MC.




  • 1995: Freaks (F.A.B., 12 ", MZEE)
  • 1997: Erich private (F.A.B., EP)
  • 1999: In the indication of the Freaks
  • 2000: Dance with me
  • 2001: Flash for Ferris MC
  • 2002: Much to late
  • 2003: To the memory
  • 2004: Protecting RSR noise
  • 2004: What would if be?
  • 2004: Spieglein, Spieglein
  • 2004: Black horse and celebrations (with JaOne & Twizzy)
  • 2005: Wixtape Vol.1 >> The usual suspicious
  • 2005: The night of the Freaks (feat. Mellow Trax)
  • 2006: Dark legend (note! Note!)

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