Fortress detention

the fortress detention (also as fortress punishment, designated in Austria occasionally than state prison) was until 1945 one in the penal code defined special form of the imprisonment.

Fortress prisoners approved of one a honorable convicition too. The fortress detention was called therefore also honorable. It was one custodia honesta (Latin not entehrende punishment) without compulsory labor. It replaced both penintentiary and prison and against member of higher conditions, with political criminal offences or with Duellanten was predominantly imposed.

Famous fortress prisoners were Fritz Reuter (from 1833 to 1840), Werner von Siemens (1842 because of one Duel), August Bebel, Adolf Hitler and Rudolf Hess, those after the march on field-gentleman-resounds to 9. November 1923 ( a Putschversuch) in Munich one year fortress detention in Landsberg at the Lech served, in addition, Karl dear farmhand, the 1907 to one and a half yearsone condemned.

Also Anton count von Arco Valley, to 21. February 1919 the Bavarian Prime Ministers Eisner shot briefly, after a death sentence to fortress detention was begnadigt.

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