Fat corner

the fat corner was a work of art of Joseph Beuys. Beuys formed and installed to 28. April 1982, highly in the room corner of its studio in the Düsseldorfer academy of arts, five kilograms of butter as sculpture. The work he dedicated to one its master pupil.

The fat as material, and its material quality, its Konnotationen and aesthetic sinnlichen seeming, were among other things the cause for the work. Beuys interested for example the role of fat as energy - memory.

Fat as material of an artist was before only as bonding agents for colors usual. The work affected thus very provoking and controversially the public and led among other things to an art scandal. One argued embittered about the question whether still art was.

Similar work of Beuys was the fat chair, the honey pump, or the felt suit.

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the famous end of the fat corner

a cleaning strength removed 1986 after Beuys death arbitrarily the fat, because it it not as work of art, but when dirt regarded. To 27. October 1987 came it therefore to a process. The country North Rhine-Westphalia paid at that time finally 40,000 DM payment of damages to the owner of the work. Because of this anecdote the fat corner ranks among the most popular, although also to few understood work of the artist.


  • a fat corner is not therefore made, in order a table with fat beschmieren, but a fat corner is made therefore, around as fat corner contrary to stands to other processes, which such a plastic, susceptible material makes, in space and time, thus the straight things with fat lays a large claim on theory. And naturally perhaps not always there this theory is, if humans in the museum see so an experimental arrangement.

(J. Beuys)

  • Beuys used and into an unusual connection placed very simple materials: a broom, a Bürstchen, a bit clay/tone, a cord, or fat and felt. One must think much about it, why he united the things in this way. With Beuys one finds the thoughtfulness of rural humans grown up at the Niederrhein consolidated to a meditativen quality, in which one must get involved. That needs time, which many do not want to spend.
  • The meaning, also the having a lasting effect meaning for all, also for you, probably is that Beuys aroused a new self-assurance for the artistic expression means, which one can use now freely of all regimentation. [...] Artistic can have tooth paste and silver the same function and from therefore also the same quality.

(Joseph van the Grinten, Beuys collecting tank, in the interview with the WDR)


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