Filippo Inzaghi

Filippo “Pippo” Inzaghi (* 9. August 1973 in Piacenza) is an Italian professional soccer player.

The first going attempts in the Italian professional football the 1,81m large and 74kg heavy Nationalmittelstürmer denied in the season 1991/1992 at its association for local history fiber plastic Piacenza where it in the series of B, which came second highest Italian play class, to 2 employments. In the year after the recent talent showed however then already its torr International Electronical Commission ago, as it 13 hits in 21 series of c1 plays (third Italian league) for UC Albinoleffe to mark could. After one year's in each case Intermezzi in Verona and again Piacenza he debütierte in the season 1995/96 with the AC at that time Parma, now fiber plastic Parma, in the series of A and shot thereby two gates in 15 plays.

Finally as Topstürmer Filippo Inzaghi was established then in the season 1996/97, when in its second year in the series of A 24 gates in 33 plays for Atalanta Bergamo succeeded to him. Shortly thereafter then also the Topclubs Italy became on him attentively and it changed 1997 Juventus Turin where it four play times with large success played and to the national player was promoted, in which season became 1997/ 98 Italian master and could altogether 57 gates in 120 plays book. At present Filippo Inzaghi plays with the AC Milan, after he is changed to the Lombarden in the season 2001/02 for the transfer fee from 40 million euro, with which it up to now five titles, under it 2003 the UEFA champions League and 2004 that the Italian championship got and 30 gates in 64 plays obtain could.


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