Filiz Polat

Filiz Polat
Filiz Polat

Filiz Polat (* 11. July 1978) is a German Turkish politician out Bram in the district Osnabrück and youngest delegates in 15. Federal state parliament of Lower Saxony for alliance 90/Die the Green [1].

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training and occupation

1997 completed Polat their Abitur at the William hit peat High School in Münster. The following study of the political economy closed it 2002 in Frankfurt/Main with a work about “Employment Effects OF Technological CHANGE: A Microeconometric Approach " off. Likewise in the year 2002 it completed its Vordiplom in the subject political science.


Polat is the daughter of a Turkish physician and a German local politician.

a party

1996 created Polat [2] the Green youth Bram and joined 1997 the Greens . Since that 4. June 2005 is Polat deputy regional chairman of alliance 90/Die the Green Lower Saxony.


with the election of the federal parliament of Lower Saxony to 2. February 2003 stood as a candidate it for the Greens at list place 15. Since the Greens got however “only” 14 seats, them missed the introduction scarcely. When the leaders of the parliamentary group of the Greens of Lower Saxony, Rebecca Harms drew , 2004 into the European parliament, she moved to 15. September 2004 into the federal state parliament after. Polat is a building-political spokeswoman of its parliamentary group and member in the committee on petitions of the federal state parliament of Lower Saxony.

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