Film category

film category is called a group of films, which certain technical, formal, narrative and/or contentwise elements to divide. The clear allocation of individual films is therefore problematic, particularly many - above all newer films - several category avails itself.

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to the category in the film faces the transmission format common on the television, which emphasizes not so much a kind or the contentwise aspect of a work, but helps rather transmitter-specific categorization. The transmitters filltheir time-guide with its transmission formats of any category. Thus e.g. fall under the transmission format. Classifications such as 45-Minüter, 90-Minüter, show, Movie, Doku, journal etc., which has category with the generic term a little in common.

Altogether there is a difficult-to-understandNumber on category and Subgenres, whereby there are some main groups, which found from the theatre also in the film theory introduction.

(Sound Aristoteles gives it to two of category, which reads there: Tragedy and comedy. These „main category “merge in in such a wayTragikomödie mentioned).

category and Subgenres


animated film

documentary film


of family films


horror film


soft and hard core

maintenance film


further organization possibilities

style directions



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