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A film university is a training centre to all film-relevant topics to be taught.

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entrance conditions

the film universities are usually in Germany academies of art. Who fulfills the conditions, can study here. In the FRG to it the general or specializedbound university-level graduation belongs. Since the receptivenesses are however limited, the film-specific artistic capability in a qualification test for the permission must be usually proven.

The study duration depends 8-10 terms on the subject, is usually however long. At the end the student acquires a diploma.

film universities

respectable one national film universities are regularly in the international film university federation CILECT organized.


CILECT Mitgliedshochschulen in Germany:

other film universities and film schools without university status in Germany:


  • Viennese film academy (university for music and representing art)
  • film school Vienna


  • Ecole CAN-tonal d'art de Lausanne
  • Ecole Suprieure d'Art Visuel (Geneva)
  • university for organization and art (Zurich, study range film/video)
  • internationally Academy OF Broadcasting
  • F+F school for art and medium Design (Zurich)
  • KAF - class auto+didactically Film gutters (Zurich)


Great Britain



  • VGIK


  • FTII film and Television of institutes OF India (Pune)



  • 1919 establishment of the film university in Moscow
  • 1943 establishment Institut striking width unit of of the études cinématographiques in of Paris
  • 1948 establishment of the film university Łódź
  • 1956 Fernando Birri creates the documentary film school of Santa Fè (Argentina)
  • 1966 establishment of the first film university in the Federal Republic of Germany, the German film and television academy Berlin

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