Film composer

a film composer is a composer, who writes film music.

The origin lies in the beginnings of the film history, in which silent movies were accompanied by pianists. There was for this also firm scores, the challenge was however to adapt the speed of the play to original by hand the turned film projector. In the age of the jazz the improvisation was a usual means to under-paint a film and to over-sound the noises of the projector. Practice is not dead, Aljoscha Carpenter is an example of a living expert of silent movies at the piano. The residents of Munich Philharmonics accompanied Metropolis in the residents of Munich Philhamonie in the past years.

In the early phase of the Tonfilms the film transferred the role of the earlier Operetten, it made melodies for a broad public admits and to Gassenhauern, of which today still innumerable is played as Evergreens. To that extent film composers played a not small role. In Germany Marlene Dietrich or Zarah Leander, Hans Albers and Hans Moser were important interpreters. Joseph Schmidt landed also a song goes around world a world success.

The meaning of the music for the film presses itself among other things in the fact out that for film music its own OSCAR is lent. Large film composers created it again and again that their music was felt as the actual film event, so for instance Philip Glass with Koyaanisqatsi

to the film composers most meaning world-wide count Henry Mancini (Orson Welles Touch OF Evil 1958, the first large film music with Latin American jazz, BREAK nearly RK Tiffany's 1961, the rose-pink Panther starting from 1963, and Howard Hawks film having air), Nino Rota (worked for Federico Fellini and Lucchino Visconti, wrote the music to the godfather), Ennio Morricone (play me the song of death), John Barry (5 Oscars, among other things for with the wolf), John Williams ( 43 times for the OSCAR nominates, of it 5 times won) dances, to Vangelis or German the Hans's rooms.

Lars of Trier and with it the dogma - Filmer took up the complete renouncement of film music to their rules as unnatural element. Music may occur therefore only if it actually occurs in the action. Here the film composer redundantly becomes.

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