Film director

of film and television directors (of frz.: régisseur, régir: lead) are directors, the film - and television productions steer. It can itself thereby e.g. around features, documentary films and live endings act.

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the activity extends from the treatment of the texts in accordance with dramaturgischer criteria, over the mechanism from film scripts to the planning of the expiration of production including the costs.

Typically film directors have alreadybefore the beginning of the turning work more or less firm conception, how the final product is to look. During the turning work and motivate they lead the coworkers, both actors and in the technology the persons employed.


of film directors steerduring production a whole set of coworkers:

with larger film productions know directors by production managers supported or as with some Hollywood - productions to be even dominated.

Film directors are active in the Filmstudio ( with art light) or also with field recordings. The field recordings can take place in dwellings, means of transport or in the area. The director has to always ensure that he keeps the overview. If necessary is also (post) the synchronisationnecessarily, which takes place again in a Studio.


one can take up either a study, or itself as an unsalaried employee (e.g. when Regieassistent at a film or a television production company) apply, and afterwards qualify for the occupation.

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