Revenue court Rhineland-Palatinate

the revenue court Rhineland-Palatinate is a court of the fiscal jurisdiction and the only revenue court of the Land of the Federal Republic Rhineland-Palatinate.

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court seat and - district

the revenue court Rhineland-Palatinate has its seat in new city at the crying race. The court district covers the area of the whole Land of the Federal Republic.


the law courts is in the Robert pride STR. 20.

stage of appeal

there the fiscal jurisdiction is developed in two stages, is the revenue court Rhineland-Palatinate active in accordance with § 2 FGO an upper national court, nevertheless however as entrance court in first instance. It the Federal Finance Court is superordinate in Munich.


president of the revenue court Rhineland-Palatinate is Detlef of locks, that the office in the year 2002 of his predecessor Dr. Refuge Kröger took over.


the revenue court became in the course of the reorganization of the German fiscal jurisdiction by the Allieerten with law of the country Rhineland-Palatinate of the 11. August 1949 establishes.

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