Firefox (film)

film data
of German titles: Firefox
original title: Firefox
production country: The USA
feature year: 1982
length (PAL - DVD): 120 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 16
direction: Clint Eastwood
film script: Alex Lasker
Wendell Wellman
production: Clint Eastwood
music: Maurice Jarre
camera: Bruce Surtees
cut: Ron Spang
Ferris Webster

of the Actionfilm Firefox was turned 1982 after the novel of the same name by Craig Thomas. Clint Eastwood, which produced the film, led the direction and played the role of the pilot Mitchell whole.


the Soviets have a new combat aircraft, who develop MIG 31, whose NATO code name “Firefox” reads. The Firefox places all combat aircraft, which exist at present in NATO, into the shade. It achieves the fivefold speed of sound, had camouflage cap technology and a new thought-steered weapon system, with which the pilot can react extremely fast to attacks. At present only one prototype of this airplane is to exist. In order to prevent that the Soviets produce the airplane in masses and so that attains a millitärischen advantage it wants to steal the Americans with the help of the British the airplane. The British secret service already got in touch to contact contacts to Russia, which are ready to support such a project. Among them are also the two scientists Baranovic and Semelowsky, which are considerably in the development of the Firefox involved and nothing more to lose have, since they probably land as Jews and potential these simmering ducks in a Soviet hard labour camp, if they are not any longer needed.

For the project the ex pilot Mitchell whole is selected. It belonged to a special-purpose force of the US-Airfoce and is able to fly all Soviet combat aircraft. In addition it speaks flowing Russian, since his nut/mother Russian is and grew up in two languages he, and it has the same size, as the test pilot Colonel Roskow, for the pilot helmet and the pressure suit were adapted. Under wrong name to Russia one transfers completely and meets there with the contact contacts, which support it to approach to the airplane. In addition whole must change several times its identity and has constantly KGB and military in the neck. From Baranovic whole experiences that there are still second prototypes of the Firefox, which is to be destroyed by fires. When Gants true identity is uncovered is clear, what he intends, whole sits already in the airplane and rolls thereby to the runway. When it takes straight off from the runway, the Secretary-General arrives , who wanted to regard the test flight with the Firefox. Straight will become still prevented, Baranovic, Semelowsky and all other contact contacts killed the destruction of the second Firefox. General Vladimirow and the Secretary-General argue about the further proceeding, after did not succeed to intercept whole. Finally Colonel Roskow with the second Firefox is loose-sent and it comes over the Barentssee between the two pilots to an aerial combat. It finally creates completely to shoot Roskow. It continues to fly toward the USA and can be stopped by nothing more.


  • the field recordings, which played in Moscow, were turned in Vienna.

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