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The name Firmenlogo (short form for Logographie) designates trade mark, those exclusively from letters consists itself and of the company (enterprise designation)derive, as for example IBM, 3M or AEG.

The term has itself generalized and designation today generally also symbols, those in the semiotic (the theory of the indications) „trade marks “and/or. „Signet “are called.

legal background

beside it gives it still thosemark-legal designation „mark “.

In connection with a Logo the mark is specified as word mark. If it concerns a combination out of picture and characters, then one speaks of a word picture mark; if the trade mark consists only of symbols, it is a picture mark. A trade mark can legally however only by the registration with the patent and office for mark a mark become.

organization rules

usually assign enterprises or advertising agencies trained commercial artists or a Design agency the draft of a company Logos.

An experienced commercial artist will take himself for the Logo organization time, the companyand their actual condition exactly analyze and the following four requirements consider:

1. Comprehensibility

the Logo is to underline the meaning of the name or refer to the activity of the enterprise. That can take place by means of a graphic symbol and/or the selection of a suitable writing. A company name becomes and/or Label name with a graphic indication (Icon) combined, one speaks of a word picture mark.

2. Unmistakableness

a Logo transports the enterprise image. If it is occupied by other associations already, then it will establish all the more with difficulty its own identity or a firm profile.Kind of such runs one the risk to be surveyed or confounded. From insufficient unmistakableness can also legal problems arise. Example: Magenta red T (Logo of the Telekom)

3. Stamping SAMness

here should apply the formula KISS: „K eep I t S stronghold (and) S imple “- whichis simple, is simple to notice. Successful trade marks as of AUDI, OPEL, VOLKSWAGEN, Nike, Apple & Co are so simple that them can after-draw nearly each by heart. See in addition also this experiment of the group mono chrome.

4. Reproductibility

color-glad Logos no problem is technical,there are however exceptions and for those must a good company Logo be prepared. It must also as fax, when stamps, from the distance, on a T-Shirt gestickt or on the advertising ball-point pen to be still well recognizable and look good. The company Logo is the signto an enterprise and no multicolored illustration.

Good Logos meets highest requirements and is in width of 20 millimeters or smaller still clearly recognizing and readable. Thus a Logo everything these requirements becomes fair requires it many compromises, as for example abbreviations and reductionon an optimum. The saying quoted by creative ones gladly and much „few is more “meets here the nail on the head.

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