Fish of the yearly

the fish of the yearly is gekürt since 1984. The kinds of the Petri donation, since 1991 becomes the fish by the federation German sport Fischer registered association was designated from 1984 to 1990. (VDSF) gekürt. The selection takes place afterthe endangerment due to damaging influences of humans on the habitat of the fish.

past ones of fish of the yearly

Year German name zoo-logical (Latin) name
1984 Bachschmerle Barbatula barbatula
1985 Bitterling Rhodeus amarus
1986 cutters Alburnoides bipunctatus
1987 European Schlammpeitzger Misgurnus fossilis
1988 brook nine-eye and river nine-eye Lampetra planeri and Lampetra fluviatilis
1989 Groppe Cottus gobio
1990 brown trout Salmo trutta f. fario
1991 Elritze Phoxinus phoxinus
1992 Atlantic salmon Salmo salar
1993 Dorsch Gadus morhua
1994 nose Chondrostoma nasus
1995 European Aal Anguilla anguilla
1996 Meerforelle Salmo trutta trutta
1997 European ash Thymallus thymallus
1998 Strömer Leuciscus souffia
1999 Nordseeschnäpel Coregonus oxyrhynchus
2000 Atlantic salmon Salmo salar
2001 more European disturb Acipenser sturio
2002 Quappe Lota lota
2003 Barbe Bar bus cash bus
2004 May fish Alosa alosa
2005 brown trout Salmo trutta f. fario
2006 Groppe Cottus gobio

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