Fist OF Fury

Fist OF Fury (for the American rental business renamed in The Chinese Connection) came under the title of death greetings from Shanghai into the German cinemas.

Fist OF Fury was the second work of the successful Trios “Lee/Chow/Wei”. Planned as hundred percent successors of the first work The bend Boss (premiere: 31. October 1971), wrote director Lo Wei the film script nearly over night, and with unbelievable employment of the entire film crew Fist OF Fury could do already to 22. March 1972 to be uraufgeführt. The film exceeded all expectations.

Regarding the representation of force and destruction Bruce Lee with this film set new yardsticks. It used for the first time weapons, among other things Nunchakus, which had not seen the public up to then yet.


the eternal enmity between Japanese and Chinese, who are delivered here over two combat haven schools, is center of this work. Chen, master pupil of a Chinese combat haven school, returns after longer absence to the Dojo, in order to experience with its arrival of the death of its master. This was killed by members of a rivaling Japanese Dojos. Chen wants to repair the honour of its master.


production: Golden Harvest

producer: Raymond Chow

direction: Lo Wei


Chen…. Bruce Lee
left…. Nora Miao
Wu…. Wei Ping Ao
teacher fan…. Tien Feng
Suzuki…. Riki Hashimoto
Cha…. James Tien
among other things

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