Fisz (discussion: „Fish “, * 27. April 1978, civil Bartosz Waglewski) is Polish RWSby, painters and musicians. Its musical career it began as classical RWSby and turned ever more jazz influences as well as experimental sounds. This development can be after-pursued directly in its Diskographie. Fisz studied at the European academy of arts in Warsaw. Compared with other Polish Rappern its texts are more intelligent and rich at wordplays.


  • Polepione Dźwięki (dt: Compound tones, 2000)
  • well Wylot (dt: On the jump, 2001)
  • F3 -- in the volumes Fisz Emade jako Tworzywo Sztuczne (2002)
  • Wielki Cięzki Słoń (dt: Large, heavy elephant) -- Tworzywo Sztuczne (2004)
  • Kryminalny Bluez (dt: Criminal Blues) -- Fisz & Envee (2005)
  • Fru! -- Fisz & Envee (2005)
  • Kręcioł - Fisz & Envee (2005)

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