vulture meadow fjord in Norway
Entstehung eines Fjords
emergence of a fjord
Fjord in Norwegen, um 1900
fjord in Norway, around 1900

a fjord (Scandinavian: fjorðr , English fiord ) an arm of the sea in-handing far in the mainland, which is characterized by its developing history, is altnordisch. Fjords should not also Förden or Rias to be confounded.

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result to emergence of fjords from their origin area from valley glaciers, which Kar through river valleys already existing flow. The original valley form is over-coined/shaped thereby by the glacier as the ice drags weathered rock along (Detraktion) and this thatlining up rock continues to erode. The developing valley has a typical U-form with very steep slopes and also trough valley is called. Since the glaciers abtauten at the beginning of the interglacial period again and increased the sea level, the offshore trough valleys of the latter becameIce age of the rising water floods. One calls these flooded, usually deep trough valleys fjords.

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in Norway it is still added that the country had lowered itself by the load of the ice during the “ice age in such a way specified”, sothat the floor spaces of the glacier valleys far more deeply lay than the sea. After Abtauen of the ice main header the country only very slowly (this very day lifts itself Norway around approximately 1 cm per year), and the fjords are therefore substantially deeperas the surrounding North Sea; so the Sognefjord is more as 1300 meters deeply, the North Sea however on average only about 94, and even in its deepest place no more than 775 Meter.kl


the fjord coast with theirsteep bank slopes is only with difficulty to settle, landschaftlich however very delightfully. In particular Norway is famous for its attractive fjord coast in the west of the country, in addition, New Zealand, fire country, Scotland, Alaska and Newfoundland are rich at fjords.

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