Flörsheim Dalsheim

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Wappen von Flörsheim-Dalsheim Deutschlandkarte, Position von Flörsheim-Dalsheim hervorgehoben
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Rhineland-Palatinate
district: Alzey Worms
convention community: Monsheim
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 49° 40 ′ N, 8° 12 ′ O
49° 40 ′ N, 8° 12 ′ O
height: 152 m and. NN
surface: 12.71 km ²
inhabitants: 3.202 (31. December 2004)
Population density: 252 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip code: 67592
preselection: 06243
Kfz characteristics: AZ
municipality key: 07 3 31 023
municipality arrangement: 2 local parts
of the local administration:
67592 Flörsheim Dalsheim
Website: floersheimdalsheim.de
mayor: Peoples Henn (WGR)

Flörsheim Dalsheim is a Rhine-hessian place of the convention community Monsheim in the district Alzey Worms in Rhineland-Palatinate.

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local arrangement

the place consists of the two villages down Flörsheim and Dalsheim. Dalsheim was called in former times marks, therefore the name agitates the village surrounding mark wall.


local council

the local council from Flörsheim Dalsheim build themselves up from 21 advice women and councilmen, including mayors in addition to the regular duties.

SPD WGR CDU the Green FDP entire
2004 8 8 2 1 1 of 20 seats

(conditions: Local election to 13. June 2004)

culture and objects of interest

the wine

the area of cultivation of wine in Flörsheim Dalsheim belongs to the most well-known to one world-wide. The “winegrower of the yearly 2002” as well as the “winegrower of the decade” originates from the small place in the Rhine-hessian Toskana, as one also designates the area here. Thus it is not amazing that the place with its premium ores wines is registered even in the “Guinessbuch of the records”.

the Weingüter in Flörsheim Dalsheim

Weingut Beyer Bähr - Weedenplatz 4

Weingut Bicking - Rodensteiner road 4

Weingut Klaus Biedert - Alzeyer road 48

Weingut George Biedert - Plenzer 3

Weingut Hans H. - Mölsheimer road 17/19 Weingut

Flörsheimer yard Claus Christian man - Pfarrgasse 5-7 Weingut

angel - Untergasse 39 & Kirchgasse 2 Weingut

Feth - bent Rodensteiner road 17

Weingut Holger Frey - Alzeyer road 72

Weingut fox - castle lane 1

Weingut Werner Göhring - Philipp Merkel road 9

Weingut Wilfried Göhring - Alzeyer road 60

Weingut count - Alzeyer road 15

Weingut cellar - station route 1

Weingut Kiefer - at the upper gate 5

Weingut Köth - Untergasse 24

Weingut ruffle - Philipp Merkel road

Weingut Kroll - central lane 4

Weingut Axel Mueller - Philipp Merkel road 23

Weingut Mueller Dr. Becker - front lane 16

Weingut Hatzfelder yard Hans Obenauer - Alzeyer road 17

Weingut Ohnacker Döss - Alzeyer road 80

Weingut Wolfgang Peth - Alzeyer road 28

Weingut Petri - at the upper gate 14

Weingut Hans Werner Pfannebecker - Plenzer 27

sparkling wine house space country - Alzeyer road 134

Weingut flat - Alzeyer road 160

Weingut Rodensteiner yard Ludwig Scherner - Rodensteiner road 19

Weingut Scherner Kleinhanss - Alzeyer road 10

viticulture J. Schneiderheinze inheriting - railway route 17

Weingut Peter Schmitt - Weedenplatz 1

Weingut writer zinc to the old person Schmiede - front lane 13

Weingut riser yard E.u.U. Uhinck - riser yard

Weingut Strubel - at the upper gate

Weingut Ziegler - central lane 13

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mark wall

the mark wall encloses the local part Dalsheim.

It was built probably between 1470 and 1490 and is today kept still nearly complete. Their length amounts to rather exactly one kilometer. The upper gate is reinforced with a round, the Untertor with a rectangular tower. Until 1833 a guard with its family in the Untertorturm, for which each night locked the gates, lived.

The mark wall was reconditioned from 1986 to 1990. From this cause 1988 the first mark wall celebration were celebrated. Since that time every four years the mark wall celebration takes place. A part of the wall is accessible and can be visited in the framework by guidance.


in Flörsheim Dalsheim gives it one hauptschule, as well as 3 kindergartens, whereby one of the kindergartens will close gates starting from summer 2006 its.

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