a flute is a diverson Aerophon, with which an air flow is led across an edge, at which it in oscillation turns out (S. Woodwind instrument).

There are flutes with and without Kernspalt. Further organizations and designations result from it,where one in-blows into the flute, as the pitch is affected whether the lower end is locked (gedackt) or not, whether it concerns around individual flute pipes or instruments with several flutes, and how these are played(directly blown or with a mechanism, a keyboard, like with the organ). Also the culture area, from which a flute originates, serves for the organization.

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edge-blown flutes (without Kernspalt)

the blowing on edge by the top margin of the flute pipe one forms.

Longitudinal flutes
One forms

for transverse flutes Böhmflöte the blowing on edge by the edge of a hole in the side of the flute pipe.

], described there

, flutes with Kernspalt

the air flow are formed by a wind tunnel and led to the blowing on edge.

Longitudinal flutes
container flutes


the all first flutes of the prähistorischen time were made of animal bones. With many finds cannot be reconstructed any longer,as they were played, and/or. say reliably that it really concerns consciously manufactured instruments, since today fragments are often only present. In the Geissenklösterle - cave was discovered a relatively well received flute with Grifflöchern, manufactured those from swan wing bonesbecame and 30,000 to 36,000 years is old. Due to the very high age of the flute a writing up at the Homo is uncertain sapiens or the Neanderthaler. This flute is the oldest music instrument found so far absolutely.

The earliest clear picturewas to a transverse flute on a etruskischen relief in Perusa. It originates from the second or first century before Christ. The instrument at that time to the left held, only in an illustration of a poem from the elften century became oneRepresentation of a flute played to the right discovers.

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