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refugee refugee designation in the everyday life language a person, who was arranged by political coercive measures , wars or existence-endangering states of distress, their homeland passing or in the long term.

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a closerTerm as in the everyday life language is usually justified in the international refugee right by those Geneva refugee convention for the legal status of the refugees of 1951. Afterwards is considered as a refugee, who “from the justified fear of pursuit for reasons of the race, religion, nationality, affiliation to a certainsocial group or because of his political conviction outside of the country is, whose nationality it possesses, and which protection in particular the war refugees..

This definition excludes the following groups:

  • The Binnenflüchtlinge estimated on approximately 25 million (internally displaced person), those not abroadfled. These are called alsorefugees “.
  • The increasing number of the misery and environmental refugees.In the future environmental problems will contribute to an increased stream of refugees. Scientists assume according to a current UN study it will already give in the year 2010 50 million environmental refugees,Humans, who flee for environmental reasons from their homeland.
  • So-called restaurant refugees, who without serious threat situation their homeland voluntarily from economic considerations, in which, left hope for an improvement of the life situation. The distinction between voluntariness and “economic obligation” becomes difficult.

The two latters becomefrom many states as refugees recognition and do not receive no asylum. They are called “illegal immigrants”.

In addition there are so-called tax refugees, who try to escape from the delivery load in their homeland. See tax evasion.

legal aspects

to refugees an official refugee status receivehave, are considered they as asylum searches or asylum-seekers. If their status is recognized as a refugee, they receive political asylum and to have to requirement on a travel document of identification for refugees. Some states are relatively tolerant and accept frequently requirements for asylum; others reject it almost radical.

Countries, those1967, are obligated to the protection of the refugees and cannot not arbitrarily refugees joined the refugee convention of 1951 and minutes into their country of origin push away. Refugees can contact also the UN-High Commissioner for refugee questions (UNHCR). Not all nations of the world are thatGeneva refugee convention joined - some ignore at present this international standard.

The Palestinian refugees due to the Palestine war of 1948 and their descendants do not fall under the 1951 locked convention and/or. the UNHCR, however under the UNRWA decided before - agenda. Thus they are subject to a special status; see: Palestinian refugees.

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