Wing player

a wing player plays with many kinds of sport (football, hand ball, basketball, ice hockey) on the right of or left outside in the formation.

A special function comes to the wing players (left/right outside) in many kinds of sport.

In the football the external positions belong to the run-intensive positions. Depending upon play system becomes the position ofMidfield players or counsels for the defense taken over. Major task of the external positions in the offensive movement is the overcoming of the opposing defense by flank runs and (high) Hereingabe of the ball of the collateral line before the gate (flank).

In the hand ball the left and right outside transfer another function: Differently than in the football are the wing players here responsibly for gate successes.

In the basketball there are two wing positions, Forwards mentioned. Usually thereby between power forward and Small forward are differentiated. The Forwards plays usually in the Frontcourt, thus in the proximity of the basket, both in the defensive and thatOffensive one.

In the ice hockey there are likewise two wing positions in the storm row. Both are responsible in a three-formation with a center for gate successes.

see also: Forward (basketball), Stürmer (football), attack player (ice hockey)


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