flagship is called the guidance vehicle of a warship federation. From this ship the flying a flag officer , often in admiral rank , leads the federation with his staff. The flagship leads the flag of the commander at day and night. In the sailing boat time often was the flagshipthe most powerful ship of the fleet. These flagships were beyond that usually splendidly verziert (e.g. the Swedish Vasa). Flagships of the sailing boat time led at night in addition a flagship lantern in the Topp of the grossmastes. With beginning of the steam ship time usually liners , late battle ships were the flagships inthe war fleets. In addition, ships of other classes became (e.g.Cruiser) as flagships assigned. In the today's time the function of a flagship is noticed by different ship's classes, because large warship units are no longer present in most war-marine.
In the imperial one German navy was in addition the term of the fleet flagship as seat of the commander of the fleet and the fleet staff common. Between 1900 and 1918 took over several modern liners the function of the fleet flagship.

merchant fleet

in the transferred sense becomes the designation flagship also for the outstanding ship of oneHandels or personship travel - fleet, and/or. a shipping company uses.

colloquial language

colloquial, derived from the navigation, common is beyond that the use for an outstanding and typing element of a whole one, as in: „Message flagship of the pool of broadcasting corporations is the 20-clock news of the dayor like e.g.the luxuriöseste vehicle of a Kfz manufacturer.


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