of these articles treats the Kurzgeschichte. For the discipline in the BMX cycle racing, see Flatland (BMX).

Flatland: A Romance OF Many dimension (dt. Title „surface country “) is 1884 a Kurzgeschichte published by Edwin Abbott Abbott. Thereby mathematical satire acts “on the hierarchy of the Viktoriani society around one „.


of the I storytellers in Flatland live in a flat, thus two-dimensional world, whose inhabitant, that has the shape of simple geometrical forms, is subject to a strict box system; so the storyteller is a square and belonged thereby the civil middle class on.

In the first part of the book the square describes in detail the social characteristics of Flatland. In particular the complicated methods are represented, with which the inhabitants recognize, which form has their opposite and how thus with it is to be dealt.

In the second part the storyteller in a dream visits the linear line country, a world, whose inhabitant is only (differently are enough ) distances on a straight line. It tries in vain to convince the king of line country of the fact that there is still another further dimension. Back in its two-dimensional world a ball, a guest from (ours) three-dimensional world appears to the storyteller. Only after long trouble she succeeds in convincing the square of the existence of the third dimension and them carry it forward to a “round flight” over its two-dimensional homeland. Now the storyteller arrived at the full realization of dimensionality exceeds thereupon its teacher (the ball) therein, by it even the conceivableness four and n - dimensional worlds describes. When the storyteller wants to finally spread its realization of the higher dimensions among the inhabitants of Flatland, it encounters however only irritation and as Aufrührer is finally eingekerkert.


Abbott wanted the geometrical with its society satire and/or. as well as karikieren social order and prejudices of its time promote the stereometrische thinking of its readers. The inhabitants of surface country have extremely rigid Umgangsformen and to regard women, who are with them lines, as mentally min crude CCIT ELT, which can be interpreted as exaggerating distortion of conditions of the viktorianischen England. However these misogynic representations are defused in the German version according to the preface of the translator.

Today the book apart from its unreduced maintenance value is mainly interesting by the fact that a plastic impression is arranged for the reader by other areas: us the conception falls four and multidimensional area of mathematics and physics just as heavily as the square handling the three-dimensional area natural for us.


2003 appeared the novel flat country of mathematics professor Ian Stewart, which transfers Abbotts work assistance of current mathematical and physical knowledge into the present. Stewarts novel keeps the sow-Irish character despite its obviously higher scientific content (topics such as Feynman diagrams , the superstringer theory and quantum mechanics are inserted), transfers it however to the out of touch with reality one of the today's physical conception of the world.

Also Dionys citizen took up the topic and processed it in „Silvestergespräche of a hexagon “.

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