Fleeing castle

fleeing castle (also people castle, farmer castle) is the designation of a castle, which predominantly served the retreat and the escape.


the often simple barrier plants from Germanic and celtic trunks to the protection of the population are above all to find in Central Europe and among historians as fleeing castles are designated. With dangers by enemy assaults the surrounding inhabitants withdrew themselves property the aggressors to this plant and often left under rescue of their life thereby their have and.

In the Middle Ages this form of the castle was built also later by the residents farmers and not by the aristocracy. It served the Landbevölkerung as protection forwards marodierenden war hordes/hurdles. This attachment did not have often much in common with castles built by the aristocracy as residences, but consisted usually only of earth attachments and Holzpalisaden on mountain spurring which can be defended well.

See also: Barrier castle, cave castle


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